Agamemnon: And the slap goes to…

Agamemnon: And the slap goes to…

Agamemnon/The Antagonist

And they still say that Brazil needs to invest in education… okay, President Jair Bolsoanalfa doesn’t have any ENEM Minister of Education the country has. But our American brothers (I will never write the pornographic American word!) this time exaggerated. As everyone is tired of knowing, Afro-black actor Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock in the face in the middle of the Oscars ceremony, that is, lack of ceremony at the Oscars. The slap went viral and became the most talked about topic in the world. Everyone stopped talking about the beggar catcher, the remake of Pantanal and the Third Way. And Big Brother continued to go unreported, because no one else had talked about the show in a long time.

Several records were broken with this ephemeris: millions of people on the networks made the same joke with Everybody Hates Chris and A Crazy in the Piece. And it was the first time in comedy history that the punch line came before the joke. Not to mention the return of the eternal discussion about the limits of humor. For my bank manager, this is an empty discussion: she just wants to know about my overdraft limit. The Hollywood Martial Arts Academy (which did not award Fernanda Montenegro, but instead won a place at the ABL – Brazilian Fighting Academy) reacted indignantly to Will Smith’s violence. It gave him the Oscar for Best Violent Actor and gave him a standing ovation when he took the coveted statuette. He took a beating. It was then that everyone present in the audience received the Oscar for Best Supporting Hypocrisy.

Many found Chris Rock’s joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s bald spot to be tasteless. Who also condemned the joke was Minister Alexandre de Moraes, the STF’s Kojak, who, in this case, legislated in his own bald spot. Indignant, Moraes also forced the fierce deputy Daniel Silveira, from the PPB (Pit Bull Party), to wear an electronic muzzle, with which he intends to compete for the Oscar for best costume.

But there are other things behind Will Smith’s crazy gesture. Despite being a successful millionaire, Will Smith is a tormented man, who carries a huge weight on his shoulders, that is, on his head. His wife admitted on national television that she had gored her husband. As he has a reputation as a good guy and a good guy, Will Smith passed the idea that he was a meek cuckold and that this horn thing is just something they put on your head and on the head of the husband of the woman who gave it to the beggar in Brasilia . Both he and his wife and the Flamengo fans were bald to know about the star’s personality. But it wasn’t quite like that: as we saw on the night of the Oscars, Smith was actually a wild horn. As soon as he saw his wife with her mouth on another man without his consent, he started screaming: “I kill! I kill!”. I do well with Isaura, my boss, who have been in an open relationship for many years. Our marriage, held in civil, religious and police settings, remains alive because for us marriage is a convenience store: it is always open for anyone who wants to come in and eat something.

Meanwhile, the fight also runs rampant in the PSDB, in which Governor João Doria lives a tremendous “tight pants”. Doria doesn’t know if he’s going to be president, governor or featured in Gaviões da Fiel. The problem is that he doesn’t take off in the polls, even after he hired Will Smith as a marketing advisor to slap his campaign.

Agamemnon Mendes Pedreira won the Oscar for Best Foreign Horn.

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