Dividends to Taurus shareholders are 6 times the cost of armed violence to SUS, says institute – 01/04/2022 – Panel

Data compiled by Instituto Sou da Paz show that dividends to be paid to shareholders of Taurus, the company that dominates the arms trade in Brazil, represent almost six times the cost of armed violence to the Unified Health System (SUS).

Last week, the company announced a record net profit of R$635.1 million in 2021, 2.4 times higher than in 2020. With this result, it proposed the payment of R$194.3 million in dividends to its shareholders .

According to data compiled by the institute, the value represents almost six times the R$ 37 million of hospitalization costs in the SUS resulting from armed violence. Information collected on Datasus shows more than 35,000 firearm deaths annually.

Also according to Sou da Paz, the company dominates the legal arms market, but also has an impact on the illegal one. In São Paulo alone, it is the manufacturer of 40% of the seized devices; in Ceará, the percentage reaches 58%.

Even so, weapons and ammunition were benefited by a February decree that linearly reduced the Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI) by 25%.

The record profit coincides with the flexibilities proposed by the government of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in the regulations on access to firearms.

In April last year, the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Rosa Weber even suspended excerpts from four decrees issued by Bolsonaro on the eve of Carnival. Among the planned changes were increasing the firearm ownership limit from four to six for ordinary citizens and allowing police, magistrates and prosecutors to buy up to two restricted-use weapons.

Sought, Taurus reported that Brazil represents only 15.8% of the company’s sales. He also states that he is not aware of information compiled by the Sou da Paz Institute and that there is no data indicating the relationship between the legal sale of weapons and the costs of SUS with armed violence.

“The vast majority of homicides in Brazil are not even solved by the police. Much of what is possible to investigate involves crimes of passion or a close relationship between perpetrator and victim. There is much more difficulty in investigating gangs and organized crime. in most cases of armed violence it is not even possible to know the origin of the weapons used”, says the company in a statement.

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