Get these three free Xbox games with Xbox Live Gold for a limited time

At the moment, for a limited time, you can download three free games of Xbox with Xbox Live Gold. Although to achieve this you will have to enter the Microsoft Store from different regions and log in. You must also have an active Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. Among the three free games for Xbox you will find Cloning Clydewhich was not free until now.

There are also two other games that were once free with Xbox Live Gold: splosion man, Ikaruga. These three titles are good options for expanding your retro game library.

Cloning Clyde, one of the free Xbox games, is an original Xbox game created specifically for Arcade, so you’re not playing a remade version of a classic arcade game. Cloning Clyde can best be classified as a side-scrolling platformer with a heavy puzzle-solving element. As you progress through the game, everything may seem very familiar to you, but you won’t find anything like it.

To get Cloning Clyde you will need to log in to Brazil same! For Splosion Man you will have to do it in South Africa. For the rest, you should do the same in Argentina. The list of limited-time free games is as follows:

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