Neurosurgeon explains Rodrigo Mussi’s challenges after surgery

After the surgeries that former BBB22 Rodrigo Mussi, 36, underwent, after the accident he suffered at Marginal Pinheiros, in São Paulo, last Thursday (3/31), the column spoke with neurosurgeon Wanderley Cerqueira to understand the next steps of treatment.

“He had multiple trauma plus head trauma. Inside the skull, there was bleeding, which is why he was operated on. In these cases, the brain also suffers from bruises and edema, but the brain is inside a bony box that protects it. As soon as you operate, you lower the compression and monitor the brain with fiber optics. With that, you medicate the patient according to this pressure. The team needs to put him in an induced coma so that the patient accepts the medication and intravenous breathing”, began the neurosurgeon.

According to the doctor, this control of cerebral pressure is of paramount importance for Rodrigo Mussi’s recovery, and it may last for a few days. “His brain needs rest. If the pressure in the brain is too high, we have the so-called intracranial hypertension, which can lead to death. You see, every patient in the world who suffers from a head injury is analyzed with the Glasgow Scale; people in normal states are on a scale of 15, and below 8 is considered serious and requires operation and care. When we get to 3, brain death occurs,” he added.

“Only after the patient is able to breathe without sedation will the doctor analyze whether he will have sequelae or not. So far, no one can talk about his post-op,” he concluded.

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