New images of the An-225 and the interior of the other Antonov hangar come to the public

Image: Dmytro Antonov, via flyRosta

With Ukraine’s retaking of the Gostomel airport, near Kiev and the Antonov base, more and more images are emerging, revealing the damage suffered by the company’s facilities and the planes that are there.

As seen earlier on AEROIN, aerial drone footage showed more details of the world’s largest plane, the An-225 Mriya, severely damaged, as well as the entire airport, and now, photos of the interior of yet another hangar have been published after the visit. to the site by Dmytro Antonov, the company’s chief pilot.

In front of the open hangar where Mriya is, there is a large closed hangar that was hit several times by projectiles in the attack (in the video you can see the marks on the wall). Although the structure was not destroyed, the interior became an area of ​​wreckage and mess, however, without the planes suffering severe damage like the largest in the world.

It is noted that at least one Antonov An-124 Ruslan and a twin-engine An-28 were at the site, but they seem to have their structure intact, although also damaged.

Image: Dmytro Antonov, via flyRosta
Image: Dmytro Antonov, via flyRosta

There are also images of the An-225, taken from a point closer to the massive jet, revealing a little more of how much the legendary plane was destroyed.

Image: Dmytro Antonov, via flyRosta

Possibly more images will appear in the coming days, especially of Mriya. AEROIN will bring updates as there is news.

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