PS Plus: Analysts say service is not as attractive as Game Pass

Since the announcement of the reformulation of PS Plus last Tuesday (29), many are wondering if the new service offered by Sony – which will feature more than 700 gamesincluding God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man — will be as interesting as Xbox Game Pass.

And some industry experts believe that it will not have the same strength as Microsoft’s signature, but it will still be a good revenue opportunity for the Japanese multinational.

“Sony took a while to combine these two products, because that’s where the market is today. Adding hundreds of games, integrating the online part and lowering the price… It really adds to the value,” said Michael Goodman, director of marketing strategies. Strategy Analytics TV and Media, in an interview with

Goodman also pondered whether the new PS Plus will be a strong competitor, and believes that this is “a question that the market will dictate”.

“Microsoft’s choice of dates was a critical factor in their success, and I think it worked. We’ll have to see how important this is for PlayStation fans. There’s certainly an argument to be made that it’s not critical. Nintendo did a great job with Nintendo Switch Online — it was a big hit just because it was an old-catalog product,” explained Goodman.

Source: Sony

For Piers Harding-Rolls, research director for games at Ampere Analysis, the service will not have the same strength as the one provided by Microsoft. And he believes Sony’s strategy will involve “being more aggressive with the window between the launch of their new games and them being added to the service, and when adding new releases from third parties.”

Lewis Ward, Research Director for Games, eSports and VR/AR at IDC, believes that while the change is welcome, the new levels can cause some confusion.

“For example, in the Premium tier, subscribers will be able to download original games from PS1, PS2, PS4, PS5 and PSPbut not games PS3. The PS Plus Premium service will also not be available in all countries where it is offered. Countries/regions without access to cloud streaming will not receive Premium, but will receive a download-only service called Deluxe. All of these permutations, plus the update path messages to current subscribers, are bound to generate some short-term and possibly long-term confusion,” Ward said.

Now, we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for this new version of Sony’s service.

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