Rodrigo’s doctors from BBB22 make a decision after a serious accident and the family is summoned: “Delicate” –

According to information from close people, after the accident, former BBB22, Rodrigo Mussi underwent two surgeries during the night of this Thursday (31) and early morning of Friday (1). So, until now, he remains in the ICU, in order to recover.

In addition, Camila Sponton, a close friend of the now-influencer, opened the game to BBB network. Thus, she told which were the two surgeries he had, and gave more details on the subject.

“Rô hurt well, but he already had a surgery that was more delicate, which was a surgery on the head and everything went well”, she told ‘Gshow’.

According to her, Rodrigo Mussi also suffered some leg injuries. “Now, at this moment, he is having another surgery which is a leg surgery. The situation is delicate, but I don’t think it’s too serious. It is serious, however, I think that praying is all right”.

However, according to columnist Fefito, from UOL, Rodrigo Mussi has a catheter in his head to drain the brain hemorrhage. The surgery even took about three hours, after some attempts to stop the bleeding. The columnist also says he suffered compound fractures and minor injuries.

Viih Tube thanks fans for affection with Rodrigo Mussi

Viih Tube and the former BBB22, Rodrigo Mussi who had an accident (Photo: Reproduction)
Viih Tube and the former BBB22, Rodrigo Mussi who had an accident (Photo: Reproduction)

The influencer and also former BBB, Viih Tube, is next to Rodrigo Mussi’s family in this difficult time. In short, the youtuber immediately went to the hospital as soon as she learned of the accident.

So, this Friday morning (01), she said on Twitter that she is happy to be able to be useful. “Good morning people, coming here just to thank all his friends who called me to help with anything, he will be very happy with so many people who love him and all the prayer chains they made, anxious to tell him everything how much he is dear to you“, wrote Victoria.

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