Rogue Legacy hits the Epic Games Store free for a limited time; check out

Rogue Legacy, a PC game by Cellar Door Games, will be available on the Epic Games Store for free from April 7th to 14th, i.e. starting Thursday. In addition to it, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter also occupies the free package of the week. Both games come to replace Total War: Warhammer and City Of Brass, which are only available until next week.

Rogue Legacy comes to the Epic Games Store for free; check out. Image: Playback/Epic Games

According to eurogamer, the PC market had an increase of 34 million registered users in 2021, going to a total of 194 million registrations, according to Epic Games itself. As of January of this year, the company’s platform hosts 917 titles – nearly double its catalog over the last 12 months – with approximately $840 million invested.


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The option to keep different games with free download on a weekly basis is, in fact, a declared strategy of the developer to continue attracting customers. Responsible for the also famous Fortnite, the company recently announced that Fortnite Construction Zero, the game’s no-build mode, will now become a permanent fixture in the famous battle royale – as many fans have already embraced the mode.

In addition, the company announced a strategic partnership with CD Projekt that will bring the new chapter of The Witcher to life, but with Unreal Engine technology.

Epic Games is also one of the companies committed to collaborating with the current Russian-Ukrainian war, which has been taking place since February of this year. The publisher announced that all of its profit from Fortnite would go to Ukraine as a form of humanitarian aid to those affected. In total, the company has already raised US$ 36 million per share (approximately R$ 178 million in the current conversion).

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