Santa Catarina has 16 municipalities with dengue epidemic

Santa Catarina has 16 municipalities facing dengue epidemics. The information is from Dive (Diretoria de Vigilância Epidemiológica), which also calculates 124 municipalities infested by the mosquito. Aedes Aegypti until the end of March 2022. The number is higher than last year, when 110 cities were confirmed with infestations in the period.

Dengue combat teams work in Blumenau –  Photo: Marcelo Martins/Blumenau City Hall/NDDengue combat teams work in Blumenau – Photo: Marcelo Martins/Blumenau City Hall/ND

Located mainly in western Santa Catarina, the epidemics occur in Maravilha, Seara, Iporã do Oeste, Belmonte, Concórdia, Romelândia, Abelardo Luz, Itá, Xanxerê, Guaraciaba, São José do Cedro, Coronel Freitas, Mondaí, Caibi, Flor do Sertão and Santa Catarina. Helen.

Since the beginning of the year, four deaths have been confirmed and another six are under investigation.

Monitoring meetings are being held and calls are being made for municipalities to intensify health and vector control actions in epidemic locations and in other cities observed. Over the next four weeks, the Board expects to see the start of a gradual reduction in the number of confirmed cases.

Reasons for the increase

Some conditions are decisive for the worsening that has been perceived in the context of dengue in Santa Catarina, as explained by the director of Dive, João Fuck. “With the concern about the coronavirus, we maintained risk habits for other diseases, as in the case of dengue”.

The population’s lack of care in backyards, the decrease in street actions due to the pandemic and the change in weather conditions were also cited by the director. The result is the increase seen over the past two years in both infestations and confirmed cases.

“There is no miracle solution”, reinforces João Fuck. The search for improvements in the numbers of infestations and epidemics is to avoid standing water and maintain long-term actions by the State, municipalities and population.

case report

Dive weekly analyzes the dengue scenario in Santa Catarina. In the latest bulletin, released this Friday (1st), there is a notification of 14,937 cases of dengue in 2022. Of these, 5,478 were confirmed for the disease and 6,098 are under investigation.

This year, 3,298 cases were also discarded and 63 have been investigated for more than 60 days, with inconclusive results. Most confirmed cases occurred after transmission within the state.

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