Sony lays off 90 US marketing employees

Sony is preparing a “global transformation” in the company and chose to lay off 90 employees in the area of ​​merchandising and retail marketing. According to the portal Axios, many of the professionals were taken by surprise and with sources (via Kotaku) claiming the closure of an entire division in the US.

In the United States, most of the team was responsible for introducing PlayStation products to the major networks in the market. One of those affected by the wave of dismissals revealed that he had not received an advance notice or at least an attempt to relocate the positions of the multinational’s employees.

Also according to Axios, this move by Sony was attributed to a “global transformation” in the operations and sales sector. The report also suggests a more direct approach by PlayStation to consumers, with less emphasis on the relationship with retailers in the marketing of physical media.

The Japanese giant was contacted by the portals, but did not explain the layoffs. On the other hand, with the announcement of the new model of PlayStation Plus, openings to handle sales and subscriptions to the service are being offered.

Sony revenue could improve with new PS Plus, analysts say

Sony may have taken the first step towards reaching an even larger audience through PS Plus. After the announcement of the remodeling of the service, analysts understand that the company would benefit financially from the measure. Check the reviews!

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