US Task Force Against Russian Oligarchs Sees Evidence of Sanctions Evasion | World

The US Department of Justice task force tasked with imposing sanctions on the assets of Russian oligarchs has seen evidence of attempts to evade sanctions or transfer those assets in anticipation of possible sanctions, the unit’s head said on Friday. fair (1st).

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Veteran prosecutor appointed to lead the new “KleptoCaptura” force last month, Andrew Adams, told Reuters that the level of collaboration between countries in investigations into oligarchs’ ill-gotten gains has reached an “all-time high” in the wake of the Russian invasion. to Ukraine, potentially helping prosecutors to track their asset concealment efforts.

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“There are initiatives underway — some of them publicly reported — to transfer, for example, movable property in the form of yachts, aircraft to jurisdictions where, I believe, there is a perception that it would be harder to investigate and harder to freeze.” said Adams.

Roman Abramovich’s Solaris superyacht is seen in the port of Barcelona on March 3, 2022 — Photo: Albert Gea/Reuters

The task force’s aim is to put the finances of Russian oligarchs under strain in an attempt to pressure Russian President Vladimir Putin to cease attacks on Ukraine.

The unit’s name is a pun on the word “kleptocracy”, a reference to corrupt officials who misuse power to accumulate wealth. This includes prosecutors, investigators and analysts from a range of federal agencies.

The United States and its allies have imposed several rounds of sanctions in recent weeks targeting Putin, many of his wealthy friends and dozens of Russian companies and government agencies, some of them accused of spreading disinformation with the aim of destabilizing the Ukrainian government.

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