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See how to buy medicines with discounts

See how to buy medicines with discounts

The budget of Brazilian families suffered another blow last Friday, when the authorization of medication readjustments of up to 10.89% by the Medicines Market Regulation Chamber (CMED) came into force. To close the bills, an alternative can be to resort to programs that offer discounts of up to 90% and the free access of some products via the Popular Pharmacy, of the federal government.

Most health plan operators, pharmaceuticals and pharmacy chains have plans that guarantee price reductions that vary according to the type of medication or customer consumption profile. Even employers have invested in benefits that allow workers, among other things, to purchase medicine.

Being registered in a discount program, however, does not exempt you from researching prices to determine which is the best offer, warns Leopoldo Veras, member of the Technical Committee of the Alliance for Population Health (Asap).

“In the case of operators and pharmaceutical industry programs, the conditions are the same throughout the accredited network. But each pharmacy chain has its own program and discount condition. Thus, price research is essential”, he says.

Coordinator of the Health program at the Brazilian Institute for Consumer Protection (Idec), Ana Carolina Navarrete draws attention to another point: the use of data.

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“Discount policies based on CPF collection are still not very transparent, especially regarding the possibility of sharing this data with third parties. Although they seem advantageous, the programs can hide risks of using data for unclear and even negative purposes for the consumer”, warns Ana Carolina.

Health insurance

Most health plan operators maintain agreements with pharmacy chains that guarantee discounts of up to 85%, depending on the type of medication. Most of the time, to use the benefit, it is enough to inform the health plan, provide the CPF or the insurance card. In some cases, however, prior registration is required.

At Hapvida, those who sign up for the advantages club, through the operator’s website or application, can have discounts of up to 70% in ten different pharmacy chains.

Bradesco Saúde, which already offered discounts at more than 12,000 accredited pharmacies across the country, tomorrow launches Clube+Saúde, a platform that will bring together different advantages, including a reduction of up to 85% in the price of medicines.

SulAmérica’s customers can have a reduction of 10% to 60% in the price of medicines at the affiliated drugstores. For Prevent Senior users, the discount on the six partner networks is up to 45%.

At Unimed Brasil, the reduction varies from 5% to 45%. Beneficiaries of Amil, Unimed-Rio and QSaúde, in turn, can have up to 30% discount on accredited networks.


Another option to obtain a reduction in drug prices is to register directly with the pharmaceutical industry. According to Sindusfarma, the industry union, discount programs are offered by dozens of companies. There is no general rule for reduction and products contemplated, explains the entity.

Most programs are aimed at continuous use drugs and require the presentation of a doctor’s prescription. In some cases, there is a limit on the number of boxes provided per month, and there are still companies that require a minimum to be purchased to be entitled to the benefit.

Bayer, for example, offers discounts of up to 55% on medicines. Novo Nordisk’s program is open only to patients with diabetes, obesity and growth disorders.

Zodiac focuses on drugs for chronic or acute pain, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoporosis, overactive bladder, benign prostatic hyperplasia (known as BPH) and epilepsy, with discounts between 20% and 54%.


Before closing the purchase of any drug, it is worth checking the discounts offered by the drugstore programs, to compare whether they are more advantageous than the discounts offered by operators and pharmaceuticals.

To be entitled to the discount, the consumer is usually required to register, with information such as CPF, address and telephone number. At PanVel, registered customers have a discount on medicines with a seal of continuous use. There is a limit of five cases per purchase.

At Venâncio, discounts are applied according to the user’s purchase profile. Purchase history is also important for the programs of the Pague Menos, Pacheco and São Paulo chains, which provide personalized offers.

Popular Pharmacy

The Ministry of Health, in partnership with city halls and state governments, offers the Popular Pharmacy Program, which includes 112 items, including drugs and male condoms, with a reduction of up to 90% of the market value. The consumer only needs to go to a unit of the Own Network and present a document with photo, CPF and medical or dental prescription, if necessary.

The program also accredits private pharmacy chains that operate the co-payment system, in which part of the amount is paid by the government and the other by the user. The benefits are available at any establishment with the “Aqui tem Farmácia Popular” seal.

The government also has the “Saúde Não Tem Preço” program, which provides free medication for the treatment of hypertension and diabetes in pharmacies in the Private Network or for accredited users of the “Aqui Tem Farmácia Popular” program. There are 11 more items, with prices up to 90% cheaper for the treatment of dyslipidemia, rhinitis, Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis and glaucoma, in addition to contraceptives and geriatric diapers for urinary incontinence.


Another alternative to reduce the weight of medicines in the budget can come from employers. Every day, more companies implement health management programs for their employees. According to the partner of the consultancy Unique DNA, Eduardo Abreu, currently, the trend is to offer benefits that allow the worker to choose where to spend the resource. The purchase of medicines is among the options.

“The platforms offer a benefits card, with a specific value, so that the employee can choose whether, for example, he wants a more complete health plan or pharmacy assistance, with discount on medicines”, explains Abreu, noting that currently few companies specifically offer medication assistance.

Jacqueline Resch, managing partner of Resch RH, agrees. “The tendency is for companies to start offering flexible benefits. Employees can choose the benefit that is most convenient for them”.

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