China talks about promoting peace in Ukraine ‘in its own way’

European Union officials are trying to convince the country to respect sanctions against Russia and not send any kind of support to Moscow.

REUTERS/Carlos Garcia RawlinsXi Jinping is the current president of China

authorities of European Union met by videoconference with the president of the China, Xi Jinpingthis Friday, 1st, to discuss the war in Ukraine. According to the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, the expectation was to convince the Chinese to respect the sanctions against Russia and not send any kind of support to Moscow. “We have imposed heavy sanctions on Russia with the aim of putting pressure on the Kremlin and ending the war. These sanctions come at a cost to Europe, but it is the price of defending freedom and democracy. Any attempt to help Russia will prolong the war, lead to more lives lost and exacerbate the economic impact,” he declared. However, China remains neutral in the face of the conflict. The country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs argues that sanctions harm international trade and are used politically by some countries.

*With information from reporter Bruno Caniato

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