The last Embraer Super Tucano produced in the USA for Special Operations is delivered

The US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) took delivery of the last of three Super Tucano aircraft ordered from Embraer and Sierra Nevada.

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Global aerospace and defense company Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) announced on March 31 the final delivery of the third Embraer A-29C Super Tucano aircraft to the US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC).

The aircraft, described by SNC as the most technologically enhanced and mission-capable A-29 ever released on the market, is intended for the AFSOC’s Combat Aviation Advisory (CAA) mission, designed to enhance the capability of international partners.

The first two A-29Cs, delivered earlier this month, are already conducting training operations with the AFSOC at Hurlburt Air Force Base.

As the gold standard for light attack, combat and reconnaissance aircraft, the A-29C is built in the US by SNC and its partner, Embraer Defense & Security. SNC is also contracted to provide ground support equipment, pilot training, contract logistical support, spare parts and program support.

“SNC is incredibly proud to partner with the US Air Force to support this critical global mission,” said Ed Topps, senior vice president, Tactical Aircraft Systems and Programs, ISR, Aviation and Security (IAS) Business Area. of the CNS. “With an active production line and low lifecycle costs, the A-29C can easily transition to the field to enhance support for warfighters and provide long-awaited capabilities for those on the ground.”

Specific to the CAA’s mission, the A-29C provides the AFSOC with advanced capabilities for the purposes of assessing, training, advising, assisting, and tracking partner nation aviation forces in the employment of airpower, sustainment, and force integration.

The three A-29Cs will be operated by the USAF’s 6th Special Operations Squadron, which has a tradition of operating equipment that is not part of the official American inventory, precisely because of the secrecy of its missions.

Among these machines are the Russian Mil-Mi-17 helicopter and the twin-engine Antonov An-26, which usually do not have the standard USAF “uniform”, being very discreet. The A-29C shown by SNC itself features the iconic paint scheme of the WWII P-51 Mustang and P-47 Thunderbolt fighter jets, rather than a current livery.

With information from the Sierra Nevada Press Office

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