doctors bet on this food combo against diabetes

Certain eating habits can help fight the type II diabetes, are what scientists claim based on recent published studies. The findings indicate that foods such as wine and yogurt have positive effects on the health of the gut microbiota.

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Still according to science, the results should be considered for the creation of strategies that act in the prevention and to improve the results against diabetes. In a statement, Matti RuusKanen, a researcher at the University of Turku, located in Finland, stated that: “A viable strategy is to identify the early signs of type 2 diabetes to take preventive measures, such as lifestyle modification.”

The scientist, along with other colleagues, studied the early signals from the human microbiota. More than 5,000 people’s health records were reviewed over 16 years.

Six groups of bacteria belonging to the Lachnospiraceae type were identified, which are related to the onset of diabetes. Since these groups of bacteria had already been linked to the formation of other metabolic diseases linked to the hepatic system.

Yogurt: one of the foods capable of fighting diabetes

A team of researchers from Canada did research based on old suspicions to find out how to avoid metabolic disease. Scientists have been looking for answers to understand why yogurt consumption is related to lower diabetes risk.

An experiment done on mice, in which a group of animals was fed a diet high in sugar and fat. Another group was given two servings of yogurt daily. After ten weeks, the group of rodents that consumed the yogurt had better blood sugars and increased insulin resistance.

However, the other group of rodents showed a decrease in liver size due to weight gain.

For researchers, fermented dairy products have a substance called BCHA that works to prevent diabetes.

But the specialist in healthy longevity at the Viva Mais clinic in Brasília, Dr. Agostinho Moreira, believes that it is necessary to evaluate other data before concluding that yogurt is a food that protects the body against metabolic disease.

Wine: an antioxidant capable of fighting diabetes

A study carried out by the Center for Obesity Research at Tulane University, in the United States, evaluated the medical data of more than 312,000 users of alcohol, for more than a decade, and it was identified that about 2.75% of people develop type 1 diabetes. II.

For the authors of the research, the decrease is not linked to alcohol itself, but to ingredients such as wine. Concluding that the antioxidant compounds present in wine are responsible for reducing the risks of diabetes.

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