Gamers renew PS Now subscriptions for Premium plan

With an eye on PS Plus Premium, which is unavailable in Brazil and replaced by the Deluxe plan, players started stocking up on PS Now subscriptions. The reason? Get a virtually 50% discount when the new subscription alternatives go live in June.

The annual PS Now subscription is priced at $59.99 on PSN in the US — about $279.48 in direct conversion. As Sony will upgrade current members of the streaming gaming service directly to the Premium plan, this $119.99, gamers have decided to extend the subscription.

PS Now for PS Plus Premium
Players are stocking up on subscriptions to take advantage of the more expensive plan (Source: Wario64/Twitter)

It is unknown how long it will be possible to purchase PS Plus Premium using this method, but many players have started piling up years of subscriptions to guarantee the upgrade. For months now, Sony seems to have anticipated this possible move and began to withdraw PS Now cards from retailers.

Without the right to the Premium plan in Brazil, players will have access to a vast library of PS1, PS2, PSP, PS4 and PS5 games in the Deluxe plan. As PS3 titles are restricted to streaming platforms, these will not be made available. However, Sony could change that landscape in the coming months — or years.

New PS Plus will have “all the big names”, confirms Jim Ryan

Jim Ryan, the head of SIE, confirmed how he intends to stock the PS Plus catalog after the change is expected to take place in June. According to him, “all the big names” in the industry will be present in the new service model. Check out!

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