Hotfix 1.03.3 Strengthens Radahn’s Powers

FromSoftware made Radahn, one of Elden Ring’s bosses, more vulnerable after the release of patch 1.03.2. After the developer fixed a certain unintentional disadvantage on the boss during the battle, a hotfix was made available that will cause more damage.

Update 1.03.3 arrived this Wednesday morning (04) for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. In the notes, the company explained the following:

Fixed a bug in the balance of the Star Scourge boss Radahn in version 1.03 where the powers of some attacks were unintentionally reduced.

On Bandai Namco’s official website, it is possible to confirm that patch 1.03 did not actually mention the boss. Anyway, the devs noticed a sub-par performance on it after a few weeks.

Now the challenge level is reset and the Tainted will fight the real power of Radahn. Ready to face him again?

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