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the police of Germany is investigating a man, whose identity has not been revealed, after he was accused of vaccinating himself 90 times against the coronavirus. Are you curious and want to understand the real reason?

According to portal details publicity meterthe subject would have been immunized repeatedly in the state of Saxony with the aim of obtaining immunization certificates and later selling them to those who refuse to be vaccinated against covid-19.

Although it went unnoticed for several days, the man would have his alleged scheme discovered after looking for the same immunization center two days in a row. And with it, the police seized several blank certificates.

Details were not revealed if the man had any side effects due to the high amount of vaccines applied and because they were from different laboratories.

The case of man is not the only one

Recently, the German police have carried out operations against falsification of documents that validate the immunization process, because although there is still a group of individuals who do not want to be vaccinated, they also want to have such certificates to be able to access places such as bars and restaurants.

It is worth mentioning that Germany has recently relaxed several points of health measures, such as the mandatory use of masks.

However, the number of cases in that country is still significant. Last Sunday, for example, 74,053 new cases were confirmed. Since the pandemic began, Germany has had a total of 130,029 confirmed by coronavirus.

Police find 5 fetuses in anti-abortion activist’s home

Police find 5 fetuses in anti-abortion activist's home

Police in Washington, United States, recently detained anti-abortion activist Lauren Handy at her home after finding 5 fetuses at the scene. The news about the case reverberated internationally.

On March 30, 2022, the police were at the woman’s house after receiving a warning of what they were supposed to find, until they actually confirmed their suspicions.

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