Rodrigo Mussi suffers cardiac arrest and ends up having been complicated

Ex-BBB had a serious car accident last week

The ex-BBB Rodrigo Mussi ended up having an accident in the early hours of last Thursday (31), and since then he has been hospitalized at Hospital das Clínicas in São Paulo.

The famous used an app car, which ended up crashing into the back of a truck. Because he was not wearing a seat belt, he was thrown, suffering head trauma and multiple fractures.

And in a report shown yesterday (03), by Fantástico, a rescuer told a detail that had not been passed on to the press, that the former BBB had suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest on the way to the hospital, moments after the accident.

Fire Brigade Sergeant Marcelo Vitória Rodrigues said that the garrison team needed to do a cardiopulmonary massage until the famous entry into the surgical center.

Marcelo Vitória also said that Rodrigo, when he was rescued, had no reactions. The former BBB had no significant levels of consciousness and the reagent and physics were unresponsive.

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Doctor Saul Almeida da Silva, from Hospital das Clínicas, was also heard by the reporting team and, according to him, cardiorespiratory arrest could end up complicating Rodrigo Mussi’s recovery.

“Both decreases in pressure and changes in breathing as well as in the functioning of the heart end up implying the patient’s neurological recovery”, said the doctor.

Even with the score made by the doctor, Rodrigo Mussi’s brothers reported that the former BBB had a significant improvement and is reacting well.

Rodrigo Mussi's brother brings news about the ex-BBB22's recovery
Rodrigo Mussi suffered cardiorespiratory arrest, exposed firefighter (Reproduction)


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