Rumor: Sony wants PS3 emulation on PS5

Sony is currently investigating ways to enable PS3 game emulation on the PlayStation 5, instead of resorting to streaming.

Jeff Grubb, one of the most reputable anonymous sources in the industry, spoke about the recent announcement of the PS Plus redesign and the integration of PS Now, which will allow you to play games from previous generations of PlayStation consoles. However, PS3 games are only available via streaming.

After the announcement, criticism rained on Sony and ModernVintageGamer even said that Sony manages to introduce PS3 game emulation on PS5, but simply doesn’t want to do it due to the costs.

Now, Grubb says that “after talking about this all week, I’ve looked around and asked and it looks like Sony is working on emulating the PS3 for the PS5. It might take some time.”

“I’d like you to say that publicly. Telling us that you care about these things because that’s what’s missing from the PS Plus announcement,” Grubb continued, “to me, it felt like they didn’t care.”

“They just put it together, renamed it and sold it,” finished Grubb.

Do you have PS3 games you want to play on your PS5 console?

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