4 Foods That Steal Your Body’s Energy

What you eat directly affects how you feel. mood and energy throughout the day. While there are those foods that are good for the body in terms of well-being, there are also those that make us feel even more tired and tired. Here’s what foods make you feel like your battery is running low:

simple carbohydrates

The problem with this category is that it does not involve just one food, but several. Everything made with white flour should not be ingested in large quantities, after all, products like white cakes, crackers and breads increase blood sugar levels a lot at first.

To balance glucose levels, the pancreas releases more insulin and the sudden drop in sugar ends up resulting in the feeling of lack of energy. The advice is therefore to prefer wholegrain products and not overdo it when eating simple carbohydrates.


We know that eating a sweet treat every now and then is almost a necessity for most people, but the truth is that, just like in the case of simple carbohydrates, sweets make the blood sugar rises quickly.

Eating a chocolate bar and not doing any kind of physical activity then takes the disposition down the drain. If you do some kind of physical exercise, a good way to consume your chocolate is to train right away, because then the energy of the candy doesn’t turn into tiredness.


It may not seem like it, but coffee steals your energy too. Although it is a stimulant, caffeine has the power to inhibit the breakdown of acetylcholine, a substance known to increase muscle stimulation. As a result, you end up feeling more tired. When drinking coffee, don’t overdo the dose.

Industrialized products

Cold meats (salami, bologna, ham, etc.), nuggets and sausages are rich in preservatives and colorings.

They manage to alter the functioning of the body, which suffers to digest these substances. As a consequence, you go through some inflammatory and oxidizing processes, resulting in the feeling of tiredness and lack of energy.

See how we need to pay more attention to what we eat? Remember that the ideal way to find out what the best diet is for you and your body is to make an appointment with a good nutritionist.

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