Avocado: learn more about its excellent benefits for our body and learn a tasty recipe

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Novo Hamburgo, April 4, 2022, by Priscila Lampert – If you are looking for a healthy diet, but don’t know where to start, consider entering the avocado in your diet. That’s because this fruit is the darling of nutritionists, given its nutritional profile and health benefits. So, in today’s article, we talk about its advantages and, on top of that, you still learn a delicious recipe tip.

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First of all, it is worth clarifying a small mistake that affects the avocado: the idea that he gets fat. Yes, because many think that the fruit helps in weight gain due to its oiliness. However, the fats present in it are beneficial to the body, such as omega-3, for example. In addition, due to its amount of fiber, the fruit ends up helping with weight loss.

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Discover the health benefits of avocado

Avocado: Learn more about its excellent benefits for our body and learn a tasty recipe / Source: Canva Pro

Due to its nutritional profile, the fruit can be a great ally in the fight against various problems. In this way, according to nutritionist Adriana Stravo, on the subject of Site Terra, on September 8, 2021, we list below some reasons why you should add it today to your diet. Check out!

  • Prevents heart problems – Because of its “good” fats, such as monounsaturated, fruit helps to reduce blood markers, thus avoiding the risk of heart disease;
  • May Lower Cholesterol and Blood Pressure – Likewise, these fats help lower bad cholesterol. Also, the amount of potassium in avocado can even lower blood pressure;
  • Improves brain health – As a source of folic acid, magnesium and omega-3, it helps maintain memory, concentration and prevents depression and dementia;
  • Helps in the prevention of some types of cancer – Due to its vitamins (A, C and E), omega-3 and oleic acid, the fruit helps to fight the formation of free radicals. In this way, it also stimulates the death of tumor cells;
  • Helps in weight loss – Thanks to the high amount of fiber, its consumption helps in weight loss, improves bowel function and increases metabolism.

Finally, when it comes to beauty care, the avocado leaves nothing to be desired. After all, it favors skin health, hydration and hair shine (when prepared in the form of a hair mask).

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See also a delicious way to eat this fruit

Now, to enjoy all the benefits of avocado, its consumption should be moderate, since it is a caloric food. In this case, Casa & Agro has separated a great recipe tip from a delicious avocado cream.

To do this, blend in a medium blender. avocado chopped, 300 grams of plain yogurt, mint leaves and a spoon of juice from one lemon. If you prefer, use powdered sweetener or honey in the recipe. Then leave the cream for a few minutes in the fridge and you can serve it as a dessert.

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