Expert points out the 11 best metaverse games to make money in April 2022

Despite the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market in 2022 and also the weakness of Bitcoin (BTC) in breaking again the $50,000 mark, metaverse and play-to-earn games continue to draw attention in the market. In March alone, the STEPN game saw its native token the GMT rise over 10,000% and go from $0.01 to over $3.

At STEPN, players are paid in cryptocurrencies for running and walking. Estimates indicate that in March, players had the opportunity to earn about R$1,000 for every 11km traveled, whether walking or running.

In addition, games such as Metamon, Axie Infinity, Sandbox, among others, announce several partnerships and news ranging from traditional global brands to famous artists. A recent DappRadar survey revealed that there are, There are currently over 150 play-to-earn style games on the cryptocurrency market.

Given this, blockchain-based gaming expert Phil Hall pointed out the 11 blockchain games that he believes have great profitability potential for the month of April.

“2021 has seen a significant uptick in the gaming landscape and an explosion of speculation, much of which has driven gaming tokens and NFTs to all-time highs, but much of that hype has died down as most of these games haven’t had much to show for it. let alone playing games. But that is about to change significantly in 2022. And April is just a sign of things to come.”

Axie Infinity

The first game on the analyst’s list is Axie Infinity, which even with the Ronin blockchain hack, considered the biggest in the history of the cryptocurrency universe, remains one of the main metaverse and play-to-earn games on the market.

“Long the biggest name in blockchain and play-to-earn gaming at Axie is close to releasing a major overhaul of its game. Known as Origin, this release brings a host of new abilities, a revamped combat system, and a new system that makes the game free for new players. So it’s a game to keep an eye on”, said

Drunk Robots

The second game on Hall’s list is Drunk Robots which announced the launch of the IDO of their $METAL token, which will be the game’s native token and will have great functionality throughout the game’s ecosystem. IDO is being hosted on three platforms: Liquidifty, Gamefi and Trustpad, for a starting price of US$0.01.

Drunk Robots is a blockchain game that features crazy robots as the main protagonists of its future world of Los Machines. Players must rule the city by restoring sanity to drunk robots in the game.

The in-game economy is powered by a dual token system; the $METAL and $JUNK tokens. The $METAL token is the main utility and in-game token. As a main exchange asset, $METAL is useful as a market offering. Players will also be able to unlock upgrades and special modes with the token.

Sunflower Land

The expert also indicates the Sunflower Land that was formerly known as Sunflower Farmers and was one of the main responsible for the first usability boom in the Polygon (MATIC) network.

“Their contracts have all been rewritten to close coding loopholes and try to discourage the use of bots. The new game will start with a slow release, adding new features over time. It’s a game we have to keep up with,” he revealed.


The analyst also highlighted that he has his eye on Ascenders, a blockchain game built on the Avalanche (AVAX) network. The game is an action RPG and has announced the release of a free to play version along with a month-long challenge in which users can win up to one million AGC tokens in prizes.

Players can download the demo game and experience the combat challenge. Those with the top 100 scores at the end of the month with $AGC, Ascendant governance tokens.


Hall also points out that he has his eye on Metashooter, which runs on the Cardano blockchain and, according to the expert, is the first hunting game to be built on blockchain.

The game will take place on an island where players find all their prey which can be birds, carnivores and herbivores. For each category there are different animals, each with its rarity and difficulty level.

“You can also take a vehicle to help you cover more ground. With a vehicle, you’ll be able to reach areas of the map that wouldn’t be accessible on foot. You can also take a dog as your hunting companion. And how this game interacts with the Cardano blockchain, all these assets will be NFTs”, he points out.

Genesis Worlds

On the expert’s list is also Genesis Worlds which has announced a new set of rewards for its players, which means that the profitability of the game has also changed, which can attract new players.

This release sees five new open worlds, with the first, Xoth, released in early April and the remaining seven days after its launch. The game’s native token is GENESIS, which will also be the cryptocurrency for the game’s governance system.

“Additionally, as the game nears final release, Mining Claim owners will have the chance to convert them to LAND Claim. The exact details of this process are yet to be revealed, however, all of this illustrates that players should keep the game on the radar during the month”, he said.


Although OpenSea is not a game, but a platform for buying and selling NFTs, Hall points out that all investors and market players should keep an eye on the marketplace during the month of April due to the launch of support for NFTs built on Solana.

“All games built on Solana should benefit from this and also the price of NFTs should see a hype at launch which is a great opportunity for gamers”, he points out.

Tiny Colony

Another game on the expert’s list is Tiny Colony which is a game in which players can build and develop advanced ant colonies, defend their bases against the dark forces that roam underground, challenge other colonies to battles, form alliances and trade. each other to participate in large-scale community events.

Players will be able to participate in community-wide events such as Community Quests, Battle Arenas, Gladiator Fights, Small Wars, Small Slots and more.

Tiny Colony Base Game allows players to start building a colony without the need for NFTs. Players can take advantage of elements of the Tiny Colony Construction and Management Simulator by building a basic set of cells and interacting with base game characters in the “Training Grounds”.

Additionally, a plethora of NFTs are available for players who want to maximize their experience and participate in community events. The game’s NFTs can be purchased using TinyBits ($TINY). NFTs can be upgraded using TeenyBits ($TEENY), which can be earned in-game by running an effective and efficient colony and participating and betting on events and battles.


Metwana is a metaverse game built on the Solana blockchain. The objective of the game is to grow exotic and rare Nugs and turn them into powerful Battle Buds to compete in PvP battles to earn rewards. Each Nug and Battle Bud are NFTs with their own sets of stats and abilities.

As with most farming simulators, the objective is to take good care of your crops, watering them and protecting them from thieves and other potential dangers. Once you’ve harvested your crops, you can sell them at your dispensary and make a profit in the process. As you level up, you will unlock new resources for your farm and crates containing Nug NFTs.

“The full rewards mechanism has not yet been revealed, but we can expect rewards in NFTs and Highlands Cash, which is an in-game currency only. The team plans to launch the MWANA token in April, which will be the governance token for the upcoming DAO. . You will also be able to buy certain game assets with MWANA tokens.”, he said.

Green Rabbit

The analyst points out that Green Rabbit has constantly assembled a complex ecosystem of creation over the past year and although the final fruits of this work are yet to be released, several details of their 3D worlds have already been released.

In Green Rabbit Adventures, a new NFT Game from the Wax network, you will experience a unique story that mixes fiction and fantasy in a unique way while having the opportunity to make real profits.

“It’s a game that has to be on the radar of all players”, he highlights.

Metamon Island

Another game to keep an eye on is Metamon Island, which recently announced the burning of 635 of its avatars, in an effort to balance the game’s reward system. The goal was to maintain the game’s value, rarity and playability.

In addition, the team also highlighted the release of a trial version of Metamon World. To do this, it updated all game servers, causing an interruption in the game for all players. The update that lasted about 8 hours released access to new content.

The developer also released entry for level 60 Metamons in Metamon World. However, level 60 avatars will no longer be able, in the new version, to stay on Metamon Island to earn Egg Shards.

In this way, level 60 Metamons can only travel back to Metamon Island by spaceship and rocket. The feature will be released in the next version.

The team also announced a package of news on the profitability of the game. General gameplay updates are expected to be announced in the first half of the year. These novelties include the need to use the RACA token for various tasks and rewards in the game.


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