Headset saves young man’s life by stopping stray bullet

A video game player from Torrance, California, United States, said he was apparently saved by a headset after a stray bullet was fired.

In a post on the social network Reddit, the young man identified only by the nickname Enough_Dance_956 posted a photo of his Razer Kraken headset with the apparent mark of a firearm shot.


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According to his report, the case took place on Wednesday (30/3). After piercing the bedroom window, and ricocheting off a wall, the bullet hit the young man’s earpiece. He wasn’t hurt.

“I am trying to reach someone at Razer to thank them wholeheartedly. On Wednesday morning at 10:30am, a stray bullet went through my window and hit the Razer headphones, above my head,” he wrote.

“If it hadn’t been for the good quality headphones I would have been a dead kid at 18. I can’t even imagine all the pain that my family and friends would have gone through”, commented the young man, who claimed to have found the projectile later, in his bed, and handed it over to the police.


The Reddit post took place around April Fools’ Day, which caused the post to be viewed with skepticism by many users. Some even accused him of staging the shooting to get a new headset.

Enough_Dance_956 responded with a second post, with photos that showed the bullet hole in the window, the hole in the wall, and the bullet in the bed after hitting the accessory.

Razer founder and CEO Min Liang-Tan even posted in the thread: “Wow, this is crazy. I’m glad that you are well!”

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