it is still possible to thresh bosses

The latest updates released for Horizon Forbidden West have nerfed a number of legendary weapons, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not possible to take down a Tyrant quickly with other options available in the arsenal.

In a video posted on Reddit, user “DewyMossEmpire” actually showed how he took down the gigantic beast with just three javelin shots — but it was unclear if he used any buffs to make the weapon deal that much damage. Check out:

Annoying Crying Nerds: BOOHOO WEAPONS GOT NERFED – Meanwhile, Aloy: 3-Shots a Thunderjaw from horizon

Crying, Annoying Nerds: “THE GUNS HAVE BEEN NERFED”!

Aloy meanwhile: three shots on a Thunderjaw.

This looks impressive in itself, as the player precisely lands all three shots at the Tyrant’s weak points. However, this feat was achieved on the hard difficulty, as shown by DewyMossEmpire in a separate video.

Horizon Forbidden West gameplay scene.
(SOURCE: reproduction)

The Horizon Forbidden West community reacted to the post, with some users also expressing dissatisfaction with Guerrilla Games’ decision to nerf the best weapons in the game. “Murbela” says the following:

I just don’t feel the nerfed stats are worth the insane grind over epic weapons right now.

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