know the 6 first signs to appear

Dementia is an incurable disease that develops slowly. Early symptoms are so uncertain that they can easily be considered a normal part of aging.

But, the delay in noticing the first signs usually leads people to have a late diagnosis. Although dementia cannot be reversed, early identification has advantages for treatment.

According to the National Health Service England, there are some common early signs of dementia, which may appear some time before diagnosis. Find out what they are:

1) Loss of financial control

The symptom appears due to loss of organization ability. As a result, the person overestimates finances, forgets to pay a bill, or has difficulty dealing with numbers.

A study led by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that patients with dementia were more likely to miss bill payments up to six years before being diagnosed.

Another study by Duke University Medical Center found that those with early signs of the disease on brain scans performed worse on financial tests.

2) Memory loss

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Head of Information Services team Katie Puckering explained that usually when someone loses their keys they are able to retrace their steps. However, if you have dementia, you won’t be able to remember where you’ve been.

“What can also happen is putting something in the wrong place. For example, instead of putting the milk back in the fridge, the person puts the kettle in the fridge.”

3) Confusion with dates

Confusion is a key feature of dementia from the earliest days. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, diagnosed people can lose track of dates, seasons and the passage of time.

Other examples of how confusion can present itself in the life of someone with dementia include: sleeping during the day and staying up at night, preparing for a social event on the wrong day, and getting lost in going somewhere you already were. acquainted.

4) Loss of sense of humor

People with dementia may appear depressed or withdrawn, as well as lacking interest in hobbies they used to love.

Katie Puckering said losing the ability to understand a joke can be an early symptom of dementia. “If you find your sense of humor has changed significantly, it may be worth seeking medical advice,” she said.

5) Difficulty in communication

England’s National Health Service says “struggling to follow a conversation or find the right word” is an early warning sign of dementia.

Someone with the condition, who is having difficulties communicating, may have a confused expression on their face, or just nod their head or laugh instead of answering a question.

6) Forgetting how to use objects

Dementia patients may find themselves unable to do things they’ve done every day for a lifetime, like buttoning a shirt. This is a side effect of losing coordination skills.

Other examples include the inability to tie shoelaces, use silverware or a can opener.


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