Konami will release patch v1.0.0 on April 14

The eFootball 2022 update v1.0.0 finally has a release date: April 14th. Six months after a controversial release, Konami prepared a series of gameplay fixes to deliver “a new game” with “unparalleled realism and never seen before”.

The publisher revealed that it had listened to the “inspirational feedback” from the community, made improvements and promised to keep updating the “new PES” going forward. This time, the company guarantees that it created “a game that lives up to the name eFootball“.

Messi and Neymar in eFootball - doubts about eFootball

eFootball 2022 patch notes v1.0.0

Changes to defensive commands

  • “Ask to press” command, present in other editions of the game, will be back;
  • Added “body play” command to steal the ball more proactively
  • When scoring at close range, shorter passes can be intercepted more efficiently;
  • General improvements in defense commands;


Improvements to passes and command “Phenomenal Pass”

  • Passing speed has been increased to suit the pace of the game;
  • The “Rhythmic Passing Game” can increase the speed of the pass after receiving it with greater force during the tables;
  • Improvements in the decision of target passes and in the movement when receiving the touches;
  • eFootball 2022 AI will have better decision making;
  • “Phenomenal passing” will set the pace in attack with decisive balls to score goals;

Fastest kicks in eFootball 2022

  • Shot speed has been improved for a better feeling of realism and satisfaction in shots on goal;
  • Adjusted the percentage of attempts on target to correctly reflect match data;
  • The “Phenomenal Shot” feature will bring more trajectories and variations to the shots, giving a more realistic experience in the goal shots;

Dribbling will be more accurate in eFootball 2022

  • The precision in locating the ball during the feints will add an improvement to the commands sent by the player when moving the left analog stick;
  • Better response to drag commands;
  • “Incisive touch” will give athletes more control over the ball when confronting opponents;

eFootball gameplay - Neymar Jr

Tactics have also been improved

Konami has promised more details on the features when the “new football game” is released. However, the company still gave a preview of what’s to come:

  • More features like “Change formation”, “Individual instructions”, “Automatic settings”, “Subtactic”, “Data management”, etc;
  • Improved response time for commands;

eFootball - 1v1 Duel Camera

“Creative Team” is now “Ideal Team”

Konami also changed the name of the “Creative Team” mode, which is now called “Ideal Team”. To create your dream team in eFootball 2022, several original ideas came up in those six months, according to the publisher.

Build your unique “Ideal Team” using a combination of your favorite players and the players you’ve developed, and bring your own style of play to life. When you’re ready, bring your “Ideal Team” onto the field and challenge fans from around the world to an indoor battle.

More about eFootball 2022 v1.0.0

Konami has promised to release more information about the eFootball 2022 patch v1.0.0 on April 14th. Until then, we will be waiting to see the “new football game” promised by the company.

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