Check out 8 foods that help you gain muscle mass

Natural anabolic steroids are foods that contribute to building muscle tissue. A balanced diet, with the concentration of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and micronutrients necessary is enough to promote muscle hypertrophy – of course, as long as the training stimulus occurs at the same time.

Athlete trainer Rubens Gomes, who is also a nutritionist certified by the Society of Sports Nutrition, put together a list of eight foods that promote anabolism.

Learn how to gain muscle mass even at an older age


The first of these is red meat, considered a good natural source of creatine and iron, substances that are fundamental to increasing strength capacities and maintaining the proper functioning of the body.

See other 7 foods selected by the nutritionist in a report on the Saúde em Dia website, a partner of metropolises.

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