Epic Games would have thrown the bait for CDPR with UE5 demo reminiscent of The Witcher

Tech demo impresses and had an effect on developers of CDPR’s new game

During the official launch of Unreal Engine 5 by Epic Games, some developers talked about what it’s like to work with the new tool. Among them, CD Projekt Red, which has already announced that it is working on a new game in The Witcher franchise with UE5. It seems that the choice of engine seems to have been influenced by the “green” that Tim Sweeney’s company played. In a medieval tech demo using the new engine published last year, a quest board has a warning: “monster hunter wanted” and CDPR took the bait.

“There was a demo they showed last year […] This demo with a medieval setting, where, at one point, there was a news board that looked strangely familiar with things we’ve done in the past,” says Jason Slama, director at CD Projekt Red. be hunted by monsters’. I was like, hmm, they’re trying to tell us ‘come to Unreal Engine 5, look how awesome your game looks’.

You can even believe that this was really the intention of Epic Games, as this demo in question is very faithful to the landscape found in The Witcher (and any medieval setting, basically). The tech demo impresses with its realism, bringing houses, roads, vegetation, trees, rubble, light and shadow effects, all designed for a new generation of graphics in fact.

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“Was that whole demo made for that purpose? I don’t know, but it definitely caught my eye,” said the director. It looks like Epic Games has been successful in bringing in a big customer for their product. Regarding the next game in The Witcher franchise, no details have been released so far, but we know that it is no longer about Geralt of Rivia’s story.

What we are sure is that the next game in the franchise will bring a medieval adventure bordering on realism with UE5. The Witcher 3 impressed a lot in 2015 when it was released. Attention to detail, a wide world, but alive and full. Riding through the fields and forests at different times of the day, with different climates, was something simply amazing (when the Carpeado didn’t bug).


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