Imbé confirms first dengue case in its history

Credit: Ivan de Andrade / Decom PMI

The Health Surveillance of the city of Imbé confirmed, this Wednesday (06), the first case of dengue in the history of the municipality. This is a 24-year-old woman, resident of the city center.

According to the coordinator of the Department of Environmental Surveillance of the Municipal Health Department, Halina Borba, a vector survey was carried out within a radius of 300 meters around the patient’s property and mosquito larvae were found.

Nurse Naiara Quadros, who monitors suspected cases in the Epidemiological Surveillance, points out that if anyone has one of the symptoms of dengue, the nearest health unit should be sought. “There is no need to go directly to the Municipal Polyclinic, as all USFs are oriented to attend to suspected cases without having to schedule an appointment”, she informs.

Dengue monitoring is being carried out by the Environmental Surveillance in conjunction with the Epidemiological Surveillance in the municipality, as it is an epidemic disease transmitted by the adult female of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito.

On March 25, the State Government issued an epidemiological alert for dengue for the entirety of Rio Grande do Sul. Tramandaí also had a confirmed case this year.

Dengue infection can be asymptomatic, present a mild condition, warning signs and seriousness. Usually, the first manifestation of dengue is high fever, of sudden onset, which usually lasts from two to seven days, accompanied by headache, body and joint pain, in addition to prostration, weakness, pain behind the eyes, and spots. red on the skin, rashes and itching may also occur. The severe form of the disease includes intense and continuous abdominal pain, nausea, persistent vomiting and mucosal bleeding.

According to the Ministry of Health, reservoirs and any place that can accumulate water must always be completely covered with screens, covers or lids, preventing the spread of the disease. In addition, collaborate with health agents during home inspections.

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