Woman profits from finding luxury items in forgotten mail

A woman is succeeding as an entrepreneur after she started buying unclaimed mail for $1 (about R$5) and found high-value merchandise. With resales, she is earning a profit of thousands of dollars.

Las Vegas resident Stephanie Grime, 40, made a series of posts on the TikTok platform showing how she got valuable items, including designer accessories, for an extremely low price.

According to the British tabloid The Sun, the American participated in a “local exchange meeting”, a commercial event that involves different suppliers, with the objective of selling exclusive goods to the public. Among so many products and offers, the ones that attracted the attention of Stephanie they were divided into three tents, inside parcels of mail that were never delivered.

She closed a deal and took home about 100 of these packages and decided to record videos of the opening of the packages to share the surprise of what was inside with her followers on social media.

“I knew as soon as I bought my first packages that I wanted to do a series by opening them online, because I knew it would be something people wanted to see,” she told British news agency Jam Press. “I never imagined people would like it so much,” she added.

And in the end, Stephanie found that spending $1 per package turned out to be a very worthwhile investment. Among the packages were $50 gift cards, coffee capsules and a milk frother, as well as high-quality makeup, a pair of Dolce and Gabanna sunglasses, a ring from Tiffany & Co., and a Polaroid camera.

However, the moment of opening the mysterious packages was not exactly a bed of roses, as Stephanie also came across some unwanted elements: “I found dead crickets, cut nails, a bag of stones, a potato and even plastic bags,” she said. .

“I once opened a package that had a note inside that said, ‘Please enjoy your air guitar. [guitarra de vendo, em tradução livre]!’. So it’s definitely a gamble. But my favorite item so far was a beautiful three-carat tanzanite stone.”

The first video of the product reveal went viral and amassed around 47 million views and over eight million likes. Stephanie has already opened all the packages, but was interested in the big returns she could get if she purchased these unclaimed goods again.

“After my videos became popular, it became difficult to find [esses pacotes]as they kept selling out, but I managed to go back and stock up on two full crates to ensure enough for the contents,” he explained.

Stephanie Grime pointed out that she may have made thousands of dollars from these packages, as she sells about 80% of her items on eBay at discounts.

Is this practice valid?

Although many netizens were amused by the exciting discovery of the packages, some questioned whether opening orders that should have been delivered to other buyers is a legal act. And Stephanie countered, “I had lawyers and mailmen helping me with this issue, explaining to people that by law it was perfectly legal because the post office didn’t claim.”

He added: “Let’s say you send a package to someone and it doesn’t reach the recipient for whatever reason, the box goes to the post office recovery location. If they can’t find the legitimate recipient or sender, the package is destroyed, donated or sold [a um revendedor do governo] where it is then auctioned. If I didn’t buy these cheap packages, produce content, and resell them at discounted prices, they would probably end up in landfills.”

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