American is hit by tornado while recording storm that caused death

A man had his house hit by a tornado while recording a storm that caused a death in the United States. The case took place on Tuesday (5), in Ellabell, Georgia.

In a video posted on social media, Cliff Horton was making a video on the balcony when the tornado knocked down some trees near where he was. During the recording, it is possible to see that the wind hits the house he was in and ends up roofing the house.

In these cases, the advice of specialists is to seek immediate shelter – such as in an underground basement, for example – and it is recommended to stay away from windows, doors, external walls and any place that gives an exit to the external environment.

On another network, Horton’s stepdaughter, identified as Myah, said her stepfather was unable to get shelter because he was locked outside.

She said that Cliff is fine, but the neighbors need help. “While my stepfather and my family are doing well, there are others who have lost their homes and some who have lost their lives,” she said. “We’re from a very small town, and I know the towns of Pembroke and Ellabell need whatever help they can get.”

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was there to offer help to anyone who was hit. “The storm, from what we’re seeing now, is what we feared most,” he said. “It was a devastating tornado.”

According to local media, one person died and eight were injured. It is not yet known how many homes were damaged or destroyed by the tornado.

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