In a meeting, Director of Postal Saúde shows that he does not understand the area and despises the worker

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The retired military man who earns a handsome additional salary at the Post Office held an assembly canceled by the justice as a meeting to, supposedly, answer questions from the beneficiaries

The meeting scheduled for last March 24, convened by Postal Saúde to discuss and approve the change of ECT from sponsor to sponsor, was suspended by an injunction requested by representatives of the category.

The change would end ECT’s legal obligation to keep 50% of health plan costs and lead to even more costing for the beneficiary. It is good to remember that the cost of 50% was imposed by the company, with the help of the STF. Before it was 70%.

director surrenders

The Health Plan Director of Postal Saúde, Freibergue Rubem do Nascimento, decided to hold the meeting to, supposedly, clarify doubts of the beneficiaries.

What kind of clarification can you expect from a retired military man who has held a position of trust at Postal Saúde since November 2021, as a political indication of the Bolsonaro government? And who, when asked if he has any experience in the health area, answered no without hesitation?

He is one of more than 8,000 public servants receiving double pay. That is, he is in the group in which the majority defends the government, its policies of destruction of workers’ rights and public patrimony for the benefit of businessmen and speculators. And absurdities of Bolsonarism such as the defense of the military dictatorship and the torturers who worked in it, among them Brilhante Ustra, Bolsonaro’s idol.

Questions, supposed answers and subterfuges

When questioning the amounts charged by Postal Saúde, Freibergue issued the only agreement with the workers present at the meeting. He said that it is the ecetists who earn little.

He even said a sentence that borders on the absurd, trying to convince by saying that “all employees must bleed so that the company stays strong”, bizarre!

In the rest, he answered the questions with business arguments, without the slightest social concern or with the living conditions and dignity of the postal worker. He was irritated when he found himself without arguments, saying that he did not agree with the beneficiaries’ complaints, that they were being simplistic, and that the issues were of an “ideological and political” character.

Here are some of these questions and their answers, taken from the minutes of the meeting:

Postal Saúde practices values ​​far above the market, even receiving a contribution of 50% from the sponsor. Why?

For Freiberg, employees cannot just observe values. They need to see the differentials of Postal Saúde. He cited an example of a beneficiary from Bahia who needed urgent care in São Paulo/SP, and that Postal Saúde arranged for this employee to travel by plane, and that no other plan does this. Upon hearing that such an argument is not valid, as it is an exception to the exception, he replied that the cost of the plan is high because it has a national scope. It was also refuted by the beneficiaries, as the scope is restricted and conditioned. It was then that, without arguments, he decided to appeal to the argument that the problem lies in the low wages of ecetists.

What is your opinion about the company’s desire to stop being a Sponsor and become a Sponsor?

For Freibergue, this is a great decision, as it will help to make the Operator’s controls more flexible, in addition to bringing great savings to the Post Office.

“Do you want to work for a weak company or a strong company? Everyone wants to work for a strong company, and because of that, we know that you are all bleeding to pay for health insurance, but you have to pay the price to have a strong company.”he said further on.

What would this economy be?

Freibergue said that the Postal Service is currently not paying 50% as, according to him, is the amount defined by a court decision, but with 58% of the cost of the health plan, and, becoming a Sponsor, by virtue of the contract, would only be required to pay, at most, 50%, which would bring savings to the Company.

Will this harm employees with increased costs for beneficiaries?

Freiberg said that he will do his best to “turn off the tap”, reducing costs, so that there is no increase in monthly fees.

OBS: it is obvious that if the ECT reduces the transfer, the beneficiaries themselves will have to bear this deficit. And that reducing costs means reducing the scope of the plan, the number of doctors and hospitals and increasing co-participation and monthly fees.

Legislative Decree 26/2021 suspended the effects of CGPAR Resolution 23, which established guidelines for the equal costing of health care benefits self-managed by state-owned companies. With this, Postal Saúde/ECT should return to the collection of only 30% (thirty percent). Why didn’t you?

A representative of the legal area of ​​Postal Saúde said that, for Postal Saúde, this is a matter of narrative, and that they believe that they are not obliged to apply this reduction.

Will Postal Saúde return amounts unduly collected from beneficiaries in various situations in the past, including in December/2021 where there was a “doubled” charge of monthly fees?

Freibergue limited himself to saying that the undue charges came from previous administrations.

Before the creation of Postal Saúde, Correios Saúde had almost twice as many beneficiaries as it has today. The annual expenditure on the health plan was 400 million, and soon after the creation of Postal Saúde, the cost went to 1.8 billion. What would be the reason?

For Freiberg, the reason for the increase was theft from previous administrations.

Was all this difference of 1.4 billion due to theft?

Yes, said Freiberg, reiterating that it was in previous administrations.

Why did Postal Saúde, with such certainty that there was theft in the previous administration, never went to court to recover these values?

Freibergue said that in fact Postal Saúde has never taken legal action, but that it is thinking of taking legal action. And that Postal Saúde created a Statute of Inquiry and that it will investigate these thefts. And he says: “But we don’t have police power, when I was in the army I had police power, here I don’t.” “But you have a duty of vigilance,” asked one beneficiary. “Yes, but everyone can do this surveillance,” replied Freiberg. “But how to carry out this surveillance if you do not divulge the information?”, asked another beneficiary, without being answered,

Correios, even with a record profit of 3.7 billion in 2021, is striving to try to change the Statute to reduce its participation in the health plan and pass on even more cost to employees. Why that?

Freiberg said the company is right and should cut costs. And said: _”There’s no way, man, to fix this transatlantic that a lot of people got rich with money, damn, you’re paying, do you have any doubt that you’re paying for this? Do you have any doubts? Do you doubt that this expense was fueled by theft? The company invested in Pan-American games and there are people who are living in the young man’s penthouse. Do you doubt this? And it’s hard to bring this ocean liner back. We’ve got to get this train on the track, because if not, it’s going to crash, and I’ll tell you. Many employees will be harmed by theft.”_

Recently Postal Saúde/ECT expelled retirees from the plan, charging them with a double cost, without any counterpart from ECT and trying to increase the monthly fee for everyone. Is this modernization or does it indicate a veiled intention to terminate the plan?

Freiberg said: “We here, we took all the indicators from the ANS, we gathered the entire Postal, we did a lot of work for each indicator of that, because it wasn’t cool, and we’re going to investigate it from here.” ANS will not let the plan end like this, you are being simplistic”.

ANS let Amil sell to a company that had no backing, who guarantees that it will care about this?

Freiberg ignored this argument and did not respond.

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