Model’s ex stabbed to death in Italy says killer ‘was obsessed with her’ | World

Porn actor Salvatore Galdo, ex-boyfriend of Carol Maltesi, who was killed by her neighbor with a hammer, said the killer was obsessed with her and that he was always surrounding her.

And in an interview with Italian television this week, Galdo, who lives in Prague, Czech Republic, claimed that banker Davide Fontana would have prevented the model from keeping her 6-year-old son.

“He wouldn’t let her spend time with her son,” he told Italian channel Rete 4. “Everything she did, he meddled in. Carol could have come to live with me in Prague, I would have loved to.”

The porn actor recalled, during the interview, that the last time he had contact with the model was on January 10. They would travel to France together three days later, but she didn’t show up.

He said he even exchanged messages with her number. She would have said that she would like to be alone for a while. According to police, the killer impersonated her in phone messages.

The death of 25-year-old Carol Maltesi, who sold erotic videos on the internet, shocked Italy after the revelation that the perpetrator of the femicide was your friend and neighbor. The man confessed to the crime and is in prison.

Davide Fontana, 43 years old, is a banker and keeps a gastronomy and photography blog as a hobby. He confessed to killing, dismembering and throwing the young woman’s body off a cliff. The case came to light last month.

Davide Fontana, confessed murderer of Carol Maltesi — Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

The death was recorded in the city of Rescaldina, in the Milan region. Fontana told local police that he was participating in an “erotic game” when he killed Maltesi with a hammer, Italian news agency Ansa reported.

The killer bought a freezer to keep the victim’s body for about two months. He also said that he responded to messages posing as Maltesi on the phone.

“No one reached out to her, just her mother, via WhatsApp, and an ex-boyfriend, also via text messages. By phone, no one,” said the man.

The Italian agency’s report also said that Fontana had paid the rent on Maltesi’s house so that no suspicions were raised.

Fontana tried to get rid of the body

According to the investigation, Fontana would have tried to get rid of the girl’s body after having dismembered it. He drove about 150 km to hurl the debris off a cliff.

Police said they had found the remains of a woman hidden inside black bags, but that, at that time, no one had reported her disappearance.

Fontana even went to the police station to report the disappearance of his neighbor. The crime would have taken place in January of this year, but the body was found only on March 21.

Italian seller Carol Maltesi, 25, sold erotic videos online — Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

Carol Maltesi was also known by the stage name “Charlotte Angie”. She worked as a shop assistant in Milan before starting to produce erotic content on the internet.

Mother of a small boy, she performed on Instagram as an artist and model. Colleagues from Maltesi told Ansa that she had a relationship of trust with Fontana.

According to reports, he even had access to his apartment keys. On March 13, he published an old photo of Maltesi, who had by then been dead for two months.

Femicide is a problem in Italy

In Italy, a woman is murdered on average every three days, a phenomenon that has become a national emergency following a recent spate of murders committed by partners or ex-partners.

From 2015 to 2019, 538,000 women were victims of physical or sexual abuse by their partners, according to Italy’s national statistics agency Istat.

Maltesi even published a video in 2020 asking for sisterhood, or support among women, for the World Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

“To combat certain prejudices, we women need to be the first to support each other,” she wrote at the time. “I’m not good at talking about myself, but it’s a topic that is very dear to me, and not just because I’ve lived it in my personal life.”

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