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The launch marked the reunion of fans with Xiaomi's face-to-face events

The launch marked the reunion of fans with Xiaomi’s face-to-face events

With an eye on the young audience — more specifically, in Generation Z, Xiaomi launched this Wednesday, 6, four new cell phone models from the Redmi Note 11 line, bringing versions with compatibility with the 5G network and powerful cameras for prices of R$ 2.6 thousand to R$ 4 thousand. The event, hosted at Espaço das Américas, in São Paulo, was filled with activities à la children’s party, with mazes, a ball pit and stalls with cotton candy, popcorn and chips.

The launch, however, did not just mark the new generation of the most popular models of the brand. It was the reunion of fans with events of the Chinese company, which arouses the sympathy of thousands of users in Brazil — and which even has a name around here: ‘Mi fans’.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Xiaomi has migrated presentations to its digital channels, leaving brand lovers longing for the company’s actions. When it opened its first store in Brazil, in June 2019, the Chinese opened its doors to more than 7,000 people, who lined up two days before the space opened.

For Ramon Artur, 31, the occasion was an opportunity to remember a brand event. The Curitiba native was present at the opening of the store in Paraná and was passing through São Paulo when he heard about the launch.

“I was in town and decided to check it out (the event). I’ve been using the brand since there was no store in Brazil. When the store opened in Curitiba, I went to the opening, I wanted a discount, so I was there”, explains Artur.

With a raffle, prizes and gifts, Xiaomi’s first post-pandemic event in Brazil was also the celebration of the brand’s 12 years of existence. Fans were able to interact with the launches of the night: the Redmi Note 11 line, which is now available for sale in four versions. In addition to exploring the new smartphone, users still had activities such as mazes, a ball pool and a darkroom for photos — all highlighting some feature of the cell phone.

Fans were able to interact with the launches of the night: the Redmi Note 11 line

Fans were able to interact with the launches of the night: the Redmi Note 11 line

Between one game and another, Guilherme Almeida, 20, says it was the first time he was able to participate in a company event. “I’ve been a Xiaomi fan since 2018 and I wanted to come to honor the event. I really like technology and wanted to bring my friend to meet it”, he says.

Currently, Almeida uses a Redmi Note 8 and made a point of bringing her friend Evelyn Goes, 20, who also has a brand cell phone, to get to know the company more closely. “I thought it would be super boring, but it’s a very interesting environment,” jokes Evelyn.

According to Thiago Araripe, Xiaomi’s marketing manager in Brazil, that was exactly the intention. As in the previous line — of the Redmi Note 10 — the company’s focus is on young users, especially those of Generation Z, those born from the 2000s onwards. that the approach is a result of the good performance of the idea last year.

“We understand that this is the target audience for the Redmi Note line. We wanted to entertain, with really colorful activities. I was anxious to know the audience that would come to the event and we aim correctly when we see that there are very young people who are here”, points out Araripe.

Among fans, though, adherence was still cautious at the first post-pandemic event. The event was prepared to receive about a thousand people, including fans and press, but did not register the expected numbers. According to the company, about 950 people were registered to participate in the event, but in the list of presentations – where there was a capacity for 900 people – only half of the seats were filled. The company has not yet disclosed how many people were present in the space.

Still, it was a chance for old and new fans to connect with the brand in a more intimate way, a closeness that the pandemic stole from many users. For old fans, like Artur, it was time to kill the longing. But for Gabriel Gomes, 26, for example, it was the reception of the Chinese manufacturer in the community.

“I didn’t use the brand until I bought a model for my mother and I really liked it. I saw the email of the event and came to meet the new model. This is Xiaomi’s first event, previously only via the internet. I’ve never been to an event like this, I didn’t expect it to be so cool”, says Gomes.

The Redmi Note 11 family has presented four versions to the public: Redmi Note 11, Redmi Note 11S, Redmi Note 11 Pro and Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G. All models are now available on the company’s website and hit stores for up to R$4,000.

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