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Plane breaks in half in Costa Rica
Reproduction / Twitter – 07.04.2022

Plane breaks in half in Costa Rica

A plane broke in two after making an emergency landing at an airport in Costa Rica. The Boeing 757-200 was forced to make a detour after the aircraft detected a hydraulic system failure while flying to Guatemala on Thursday morning (7).

The plane, operated by Deutsche Post AG, requested an emergency landing at Juan Santamaria International Airport shortly after takeoff. The DHL aircraft, however, skidded on the runway, which caused it to break into two pieces.

Images shared on social media captured the moment the plane landed and skidded on the runway, around 10 am yesterday. In the videos, it is possible to see the aircraft being covered by smoke after the incident.


After the incident, firefighters rushed to the Boeing to try to clear the damage. According to the portal The Sun
a wing was also broken in the incident.

The accident occurred after the plane landed at the airport.
Reproduction / Twitter – 07.04.2022

The accident occurred after the plane landed at the airport.

According to DHL, the crew was unharmed and only one crew member was undergoing a precautionary medical evaluation. After the incident, around 8,500 passengers and 57 commercial and cargo flights were affected, as the airport had to be closed for a few hours to remove the plane’s wreckage from the scene.

“DHL’s incident response team has been activated and an investigation will be conducted with authorities to determine what happened,” the company said.

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