FAB will have to publish the list of all passengers flying on its aircraft

The Air Force Command will have to advertise on the Internet the passenger lists of all flights carried out by Air Force aircraft. The decision was taken by the Federal Audit Court (TCU), based on a representation made by the deputy from Paraná. Gustavo Fruet (PDT).

The deputy had asked the FAB to publicly disclose information on all trips made between 2019 and 2021, on its planes, by ministers of state, directors of state-owned companies and regulatory agencies, with the names and CPF of the respective companions and reason for the displacement. . For the deputy, the measure does not violate any secrecy, since it is about information from officials of the executive branch in the exercise of their functions and that such transparency is necessary.

Also according to the parliamentarian, the information helps in monitoring the use of public money, as well as ensuring the correct use of aircraft.

In response, the Ministry of Defense stated that it does not have data on the authorities’ companions and that this should be verified with each flight requester.

The deputy did not like the answer and criticized the position, saying: “We are dealing with data that must be fully transparent. Saying that the responsibility for disclosure rests with the person who requested the flight is not correct. We are now awaiting the effects of this decision, which must be implemented immediately. The TCU responds in compliance with the Constitution. My goal is not to monitor the use by authorities only, but the use by questionable people and agendas”.

Soon, more information should be made public under this request.

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