Journalist is trapped, machine-gunned and loses limbs

In addition to the journalist, other members of his team were seriously attacked and died on the spot.

The war between Ukraine and Russia has caused massive devastation in the European country. According to estimates, more than 1000 deaths have already been confirmed in the clash that began on the last day (20) of February. In addition to the deaths, the wounded in the fight are immeasurable, among the military, citizens and even journalistic teams.

And this Saturday (09), a team from the North American network Fox News, suffered serious damage after being in the middle of the attacks. In this way, journalist and network correspondent Benjamin Hall saw the worst happen up close and lost several limbs.

According to the G1 portal, the journalist lost part of a leg, a foot and an eye after the attack on his team in the Kiev region. “To summarize, I lost half a leg on one side and a foot on the other. A hand is being reconstructed, an eye is no longer working and my hearing is badly damaged,” said the victim, who is recovering.


While the Fox News correspondent was bombed and barely escaped death, the cameraman and translator were also hit and died in the same attack.

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The news moved everyone and raised the flag of mourning in journalism. For those who don’t know, many teams around the world, including Brazilian professionals, are taking risks daily, rain or shine, to bring the information to the viewer.

Journalist Benjamin Hall - Photo: Reproduction
Journalist Benjamin Hall – Photo: Reproduction

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