Ukraine seeks ‘tough global response’ after train station attack that killed at least 52

President Volodymyr Zelensky raised his tone when talking about the bombing of the city of Kramatorsk last Friday

RONALDO SCHEMIDT / AFPPresident Volodymyr Zelensky visited a city located north of Kiev on Monday, 4

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said he wants a harsh global response after a missile hit a train station packed with civilians trying to escape from an imminent Russian offensive, killing at least 52 people, in the eastern city of Kramatorsk. The president even classified the attack as another Russian war grime. Among the dead were five children, as well as dozens of people who were seriously injured, according to Ukrainian authorities. “All the world’s efforts will be directed at establishing every minute who did what, who gave what orders, where the missile came from, who transported it, who gave the command and how this attack was agreed,” Zelensky said.

In a statement, the army of Russia denied having attacked the Ukrainian train station and claimed that it was a “provocation” by Kiev against the Kremlin, to create an international narrative against the country. Also this week, Russia denied other war situations with the same justification, after Ukrainians denounced massacres, war crimes and genocide in the city of Bucha, near the capital Kiev. The Ukrainian authorities, the intelligence service of the United Kingdom and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have been predicting for days that the troops of Vladimir Putin should intensify attacks in eastern Ukraine, after their withdrawal from the capital Kiev region and regrouping. This Thursday, 7, leaders of Ukraine, including the president Volodymyr Zelenskysaid they expected more catastrophic situations than those found in the city of bushing this week, for which Russia has been accused of war crimes and genocide.

*With information from AP News.

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