War in Ukraine. Putin prepares commemorative military parade. NATO reacts – 04/10/2022

The Kremlin has already leaked the end date of what it labeled a “special operation” in Ukraine.

It would be on the symbolic 9th of May next.

Putin, — according to European intelligence 007 — wants to hold a flashy commemorative military parade in Moscow.

In the Russian patriotic calendar, May 9 is the national day of the so-called “Great Patriotic War, that is, the commemorative date of the Nazi capitulation, putting an end to the Second World War.

It should not be forgotten that Putin justified the invasion of Ukraine as a legitimate act of defense by Russians against the ongoing “Nazi holocaust”. The separatists from the Dobass region, in Putin’s speech, would be being decimated by the Ukrainian Nazi militias. For Putin, Ukrainians are all Russians.

On such a national date, – it should be noted -, the achievement of the annexation of Crimea in 2014 was already included, as extra and long ago.

Under the reformulated Russian plan, General Aleksander Dvornikov, — 60 years old and head of war actions in Syria from September 2015 to June 2016 —, assumed sole command of the forces in Ukraine last Thursday. His goal is to command the “final attack” for the definitive conquest of the Donbass region.

Dvornikov scatters Russian infantry on the ground for the final attack, with guns and bayonets, as shown by drone and satellite images in the possession of British intelligence.

Under intense preparatory bombardment, by sea and air, would be the areas from Hharkiv to Tagangov, the latter on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov. In this regard, the British daily The Telegraf has been reporting on these aggressions.

Against this backdrop, Pope Francis’ proposal for an Easter truce sounds like nothing. Iden, the game for peace, today in Athens, between Shaktar Donetsk (Donetsk is in the Dombass region) and Olimpiacos. The names of bombed Ukrainian cities will be stamped on the back of Shaktar players’ shirts.

After the disastrous blitzkrieg attempt, Dvornikov stepped in to unify the commands and coordinate all actions.

The Kremlin calls this reorganization, but in the popular one one can speak of “ending the headache” derived from the multiple commands.

For experts in geostrategy, the pieces recently moved by the Russians on the Ukrainian war board indicate that the division maneuver of Russian forces will not occur, with displacement to invade an area in secession in Moldova.

Today, as European agencies report, the secretary general of the Atlantic Alliance (NATO-NATO) has given a response in the face of Russian military reorganization in Ukraine.

For Secretary General Jeans Stoltemberg, NATO needs a “standing army” on eastern borders.

QUICK CLOTH. Putin has already fixed the “deadline” on May 9. And copying the old Soviet style, he prepares a big military parade in Moscow.

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