13-year-old girl becomes a millionaire in less than 10 months selling NFTs made on Ethereum

The young 13 year old girl, Nyla Hayes, has a different hobby from her friends and friends. While most young people prefer to spend hours on social media or playing games, Hayes prefers to use his time to design and create NFTs, and in less than 10 months he has made over $7 million from his artwork.

Hayes, who has always been passionate about dinosaurs, especially the brontosaurs she dubbed “long neckies.” In addition to prehistoric animals, Hayes also always liked to draw and, in his private universe, he decided to unite the two passions and start drawing people with long necks, just like the works of the renowned Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani.

Helped and encouraged by one of her uncles and her mother, at age 12, Hayes created the first generative art collection with women as its main theme. Called the “Long Neckie Lady” the collection was built on the Ethereum blockchain and are hand-drawn, computer-generated collectibles.

In total, the work consists of 3,333 variations and all feature women with long necks.. The entire collection is now worth nearly $3.4 million, and the most expensive NFT in the set sold for 4 ETH, or about $11,737, last August. This year, one of the NFTs sold for US$6,621.70 in March and in April one piece raised US$4,000.

“If I can do it, you can do it,” highlights the collection’s official portal on OpenSea.

Artist chosen by TIME magazine

However, the child artist’s illustrations caught the attention not only of investors but also of major media conglomerates such as TIME magazine, and Hayes was named the first artist-in-residence of TimePieces, the web3 initiative and Time magazine’s NFT.

For the initiative, the digital artist created the “Long Neckie Women of the Year” collection that portrays 100 different women like Frida Kahlo, Michelle Obama, Toni Morrison and Beyoncé, all with the famous long necks that became a hallmark of Hayes who said having used her time at TimePieces to “dive into each woman’s origins through books and movies”.

“I like to paint women from all over the world, as I am fascinated by many cultures and origins,” she declared.

Nyla’s collection includes 1,000 unique pieces from the 100 women: each woman has one red-bordered piece and nine white-bordered pieces with unique backgrounds. Each piece could be minted, in November last year, for the starting price of 0.125ETH, which according to Time was chosen to represent the age of the artist.

About 5 months after the collection was launched, the works have already moved more than 295 Ethereuns and there are NFTs, such as the one by Micelle Obama, with a price of more than 530 ETH.

Furthermore, also last year, she was named as NFT.NYC’s Emerging Artist of the Year.

“I am so excited and honored to be represented by the iconic talent agency CAA. This is a huge step forward for me and my Long Neckie community who have believed in and supported me from the start. The best is yet to come,” Hayes said.

This year, in April, the girl announced a new collection, LongNeckieKidswhich has not yet had all the details released but is already moving social networks and promises to be another success for the artist.


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