Despite suspended talks, Zelensky says Ukraine is willing to negotiate with Russia – News

Ukraine remains “willing” to negotiate with Russia, even though talks between the two sides have been suspended since the discovery of atrocities in several cities near Kiev amid the withdrawal of Russian troops, the president said on Saturday (9) Ukrainian Volodmyr Zelensky.

“We are willing to fight and to seek parallel diplomatic paths to stop this war. For the time being, we are interested in maintaining a dialogue in a parallel way,” Zelenski said at a press conference alongside Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, who is visiting official to the country.

Zelensky called for “a firm global response”, not just condemnation, after the Friday’s deadly bombing of a railway station in Kramatorskin eastern Ukraine, where many civilians were trying to flee an imminent large-scale Russian operation.

“It’s yet another Russian war crime for which one of those involved should be held accountable,” the president said in a video message after the missile attack that killed 52 people, including five children.

“World powers have already condemned Russia’s attack on Kramatorsk. We look forward to a firm global response to this war crime,” he added.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, denounced a “horrible atrocity” by Moscowwho, in turn, denied involvement in the attack, asserting that he did not have the type of missile used and that the bombing had been a Ukrainian “provocation”.

However, a senior US defense official noted that the Russians “initially reported a successful attack” and that they “retracted only after information about civilian casualties.”

Indeed, the Russian Defense Ministry had reported on Friday about the destruction with high-precision missiles of “armaments and other military equipment at stations in Pokrovsk, Sloviansk and Barbinkove”, locations near Kramatorsk, the “capital” of the Donbass still under Kiev’s control.

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