Patriarch Cyril I can unity with power against Russia’s ‘enemies’ – 04/10/2022

Moscow, Apr 10, 2022 (AFP) – Orthodox Patriarch Cyril I, one of the pillars of Vladimir Putin’s regime, called on Sunday (10) for the population to unite around power to fight “enemies external and internal”. ” from Russia, in the midst of the conflict in Ukraine.

“In this difficult period for our homeland, may the Lord help each of us to support each other, including around the government, and may he help the government to be responsible for the people and to serve them with humility and good will, including give his own life”, said Cyril I at a mass in Moscow.

“So will true solidarity among our people, as well as the ability to repel external and internal enemies and to build a life with more kindness, truth and love,” he said, quoted by the state news agency TASS.

The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, which counts 150 million faithful worldwide – mainly in Russia -, gave several sermons in support of the Russian government’s offensive in Ukraine.

On February 27, he called the invasion a fight against “evil forces” that oppose the historic “unity” between Russia and Ukraine.

Like President Putin, Cyril I defends conservative values ​​in the face of a West he considers decadent.


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