Why can not I lose weight?

Why can not I lose weight? Not every time we go on a diet and, in addition, start exercising, we lose weight. While losing weight may seem easy if we follow these two premises, there may be factors that make weight loss difficult.

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As clinical nutritionist Elisabeth Bley, from Clínica Dr. Mercè Campoy, for the metabolism to work properly, you must adopt a balanced diet with the presence of the main nutrients, that is, you must consume the following:

Carbohydrates: in approximate amounts of 50-55% per day
Protein: in approximate amounts of 12-15% per day
Lipids: in amounts of 30-35% per day

“If our diet is far from these percentages, our metabolism will end up being altered due to the insufficient intake of certain vitamins and minerals that act as enzymes and cofactors in the chemical reactions that occur in our body”, explains the nutritionist.

In addition, it must be taken into account that when reducing caloric intake for a long time (in strict diets or fasting) the body ends up adapting to the energy it receives and, finally, stagnates. This can make us not lose weight, even if we are trying.

genetic factors

In general, being overweight or struggling to lose weight has nothing to do with our DNA. While it is true that there are some genetic factors that can cause some types of obesity. Specifically, changes in some genes.

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“In recent studies, numerous genes linked to increased BMI (body mass index) have been described, some of them are: FTO, TMEM18, POMC, MC4R, FAIM2, TNNI3K and SEC16B1”, says the expert.

But it must be emphasized that in most cases the environment, the habits we adopt, have more influence than what is written in our genetic code. Therefore, it is important to review the factors that may be preventing us from losing weight.


This is one of the key factors. And is that at certain ages, no matter how much we do, losing weight is more difficult. As the nutritionist explains, age affects metabolism due to the decrease in muscle mass that occurs in the aging process.

Approximately this is reduced by between 5-10%, depending on each case, for each decade after 40 years.

Therefore, experts, when recommending exercises, also advise to practice those that increase muscle mass, that is, strength or functional exercises, which can be done with loads or with your own weight, to prevent the muscle from shrinking.

the sex

Being male or female also influences weight loss or gain. Above all, we insist, at a certain age. For example, men have a metabolism between 5-10% higher than women, this is due to their higher percentage of muscle mass.

And, as we know, muscle mass is a tissue that needs more calories for its maintenance, which facilitates weight loss.

Once again we insist that combining cardio exercises with a good strength training routine can help you increase muscle mass and thus lose weight more easily.

Body composition and height

Body composition will significantly influence metabolism, with higher percentage of fat mass, lower metabolism and higher percentage of muscle mass, higher metabolism.

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In addition, we must bear in mind that fat, especially the one that forms around the belly, is the most dangerous and, according to experts, is more related to metabolic diseases such as diabetes or heart problems.

It is not possible to burn localized fat. To lose it, it is important to put yourself in the hands of a nutritionist who will establish a diet according to our tastes and needs and do physical exercises to burn fat throughout the body.

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