Stay tuned! Here are 10 signs that can indicate the beginning of cancer

Cancer is an increasingly common disease, and the earlier it is diagnosed, the greater the chances of a patient recovering. Although some tumors do not show any symptoms, the emergence of cancer can cause changes in the body.

Being attentive to the body is very important for health as a whole and, in case of cancer, it is essential for an early diagnosis to be made. Here are 10 simple symptoms that should not be ignored:

1 – Weight loss for no reason

Losing weight without diet, exercise or explanation can be one of the first symptoms of many types of cancer, such as pancreas, stomach, lung and esophagus.

2 – Swellings and lumps that appear out of nowhere

Any change in skin texture that appears for no reason and doesn’t go away, especially in the neck, armpit, groin, stomach, cervix, breasts and testicles, can be a sign of tumor growth.

3 – Persistent cough

Despite being a symptom that can be confused with many diseases (including Covid-19), if the cough lasts longer than four weeks, it is important to investigate with a doctor to understand its causes. If the cough is accompanied by blood and shortness of breath, it could be a sign of lung cancer.


4 – Changes in spots

Moles are one of the most well-known signs of skin cancer. Changes in the size, shape or color of moles that already exist should set off a warning — spots that bleed, appear to be filled with fluid, or are peeling need to be checked by a dermatologist.

5 – Blood in the urine or feces

It could be one of the signs of bladder, kidney or bowel cancer. The symptom, combined with any change in bathroom frequency, or constipation/diarrhea beyond normal, is an indication of the need to see a doctor.

6 – Pain, leakage or difficulty urinating

Any difficulty urinating, including an urgent urge in the middle of the night or pain, should be investigated. In men, the signs may be indicative of prostate cancer. Other symptoms that deserve attention are erection difficulties, pain in the rectum and lower back.

7 – Unexpected pain

Some tumors can press on bones, nerves, and other organs, causing pain. Pain that is unexpected, lasts longer than four weeks, or is intermittent can be a sign of cancer development.

8 – Recurrent and strong heartburn

Cases of heartburn that happen frequently, result in pain and are slow to go away can indicate a number of diseases, including stomach or throat cancer.

9 – Difficulty swallowing

The feeling of a lump in the throat, which makes it difficult to swallow, is one of the main symptoms of esophageal cancer.

10 – Heavy night sweats

The sign may be associated with lymphomas, a type of cancer of the lymphatic system.

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