Due to lack of beds in UPAs in Rio Preto, patients are hospitalized in chairs and even on the floor

Due to lack of beds, patients from the Emergency Care Units (UPAs) Jaguaré and Tangará are hospitalized in chairs and even on the floor. The case is being investigated by the Municipal Health Council of Rio Preto. In addition, after five days, a boy was only able to transfer the emergency from one of the units to Santa Casa through an injunction in court. For the City Hall, the service is “within the protocols required for the moment”.

From the images sent by patients to the Diary, it is possible to notice that there are improvised “beds” with blankets and sheets on the floor and people sleeping on chairs inside the hospitalization area.

One of the people who went through this situation was Lucas Queiroz, hospitalized after a finger injury. He spent four days inside the UPA Tangará, sitting on a chair. Tired, he went to sleep without a mattress on the floor. He was only put to bed this Monday, the 11th. “What I went through these last few days, I don’t wish on anyone. And it’s not just me. There are more people like that. I can’t understand why we go through this.”

Mattress and improvised clothes as a ‘bed’ in front of the reception desk at UPA Tangará (Collaboration/Reader)

Housewife Jéssica Valentina says that the problem is not new because her husband was hospitalized for four days at UPA Jaguaré, with a fracture in one of his arms, sitting in a chair last month. “How can you not have a bed for people who are hospitalized? Where is the health standard in the city? Staying like that for a day, I understand, in case of an emergency, but four days is too much”, complains Jessica.

The president of the Municipal Health Council, Fernando Araújo, confirmed the precariousness in the hospitalization of patients, because he himself visited all the UPAs on Friday, 8. The matter will be discussed at a regular meeting this Tuesday, 11.

“Indeed, we find patients hospitalized in a chair, without a bed, waiting to be transferred to the Santa Casa. A situation that cannot happen and needs to be resolved by the Health Department”, says the president.

Another act of a patient sitting in a chair at the Tangará UPA, while receiving treatment (Collaboration/Reader)

For Araújo the fault is not only the City Hall, because the problem would be in the delay of the Center for Regulation of Offers of Health Services (Cross), in the transfer of patients from Upas to Santa Casa or Hospital de Base. “The ECUs were designed to stay with patients only for hours, not days. The transfer had to be fast, but the system is slow,” he says.

Due to the lack of beds, there are cases in which patients are temporarily hospitalized on Samu’s ambulance stretchers, which complicates emergency care, because there is not always another spare stretcher in the vehicle.

Araújo says that in addition to more beds for the patient, it is necessary to hire more employees, nurses and technicians to take care of patients, so, he considers, that the solution is not so simple. “This delay in transferring patients is even creating a hygiene problem. I couldn’t bear to go into the bathroom intended for patients at UPA Tangará, such was the odor”, says the president of the council.

According to the report made by the Municipal Health Council, there is no shortage of beds in the Solo Sagrado and Vila Toninho UPAs, but the demand causes long waiting times for medical care.

Since last week, users and councilors have criticized the delay in care in the UPAs and the lack of pediatricians. To try to resolve the situation, the Municipal Health Department announced the hiring of 547 approved in a public tender.

Service within the protocol’, says Saúde

Asked about the hospitalization of patients in chairs, due to lack of beds, the Health Department of Rio Preto responded by means of a note that it is adopting “all the necessary measures to meet the growing demand of patients in its emergency care units”.

“Medical, nursing and permanence care are within the protocols required for the moment”, replied the City Hall.

The State Health Department refuted the claim of being blamed for the delay in transferring patients by the Center for Regulation of Health Offers and Services (Cross), claiming that it is not its function to create beds, but to assist in the identification of a vacancy. at the nearest hospital and able to take care of the case. (BUT)

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