Man sues hotel after cockroach entered his ear and left him deaf

An American has filed a lawsuit against a hotel after he became deaf after having his ear “invaded” by a cockroach in one of the accommodations at the Sands Ocean Club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (USA). The incident took place in July last year and has now reached the judicial sphere.

Todd VanSickle has filed a lawsuit against the company and Ocean Annie’s Operations Inc, which operates the space. He claims that a cockroach crawled into his ear while he was sleeping and that he lost his hearing as a result, according to the British tabloid. Daily Star.

VanSickle claims that the cockroach ended up “causing extreme pain and hearing loss” at the time, and he reports that he subsequently suffered an interruption in his daily routine, both at home and at work.

According to the American newspaper newsweekit is said in the lawsuit that Todd has suffered “painful and permanent injuries; has incurred and will continue to incur medical expenses; has suffered and will continue to suffer pain and discomfort; has suffered and will continue to suffer loss of wages and earning capacity”.

The hotel is accused of being “negligent” on several of the charges, which include failing to inspect cockroaches, not having a pest control service and not cleaning the room.

cockroach in the ear

If an insect enters the ear, it can cause a lot of discomfort, generating symptoms such as difficulty hearing, intense itching, pain or the sensation that something is moving and, in some cases, the place can be used for laying eggs, according to the VivaBem.

It is not recommended to scratch your ear and try to remove the insect with a finger or cotton swab, as this can push the insect further and worsen the symptoms.

The correct thing to do is to look for a medical professional to find out if there is any insect inside the ear, using equipment such as a flashlight and magnifying glass, for example; tilting the head to the side of the affected ear and shaking the head may help the insect to come out, depending on the size.

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