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New York police continue this Wednesday (13) looking for the suspect who detonated two smoke bombs and shot passengers in a subway car in Brooklyn yesterday morning. At least 20 people were injured.

The suspect is Frank James. He’s linked to the rental of a van that was found in Brooklyn. Initially he was regarded by police as a “person of interest”, indicating that he was involved but was not necessarily the shooter. As of Wednesday morning, new evidence from the investigation placed him in the suspect category.

Photos released by the NYPD of the suspect who shot dozens of people — Photo: New York Police Department

The attack unfolded when a subway train bound for Manhattan was pulling into a station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Ten people were directly hit by gunfire, including five hospitalized in serious but stable condition.

Map shows location of shooting in New York — Photo: Arte g1

Police said 13 others suffered from smoke inhalation or were injured in the chaos as panicked passengers fled the smoke-filled subway car. All victims are expected to survive their injuries, according to police.

The incident, however, may have left even more injured. Based on consultations with hospitals in the region, the newspaper “The Washington Post” and the American network CNN reported at least 29 people who were treated in hospitals with some connection to the case.

A person is rescued at a subway station in Brooklyn, New York, this Tuesday (12) – Photo: Will B Wylde via AP

According to investigations, the attacker probably acted alone. New York Police Department Commissioner Keechant Sewell said the attack began in the subway car as he was about to arrive at the station. The gunman took two cans from his bag and opened them, spreading smoke throughout the car.

The subway assailant was described by police from eyewitness accounts as a heavily built man, wearing an orange vest, a gray sweatshirt, a green helmet and a surgical mask.

Police said the man fired 33 rounds from a semi-automatic pistol, which was later recovered along with three rounds of ammunition, a small axe, some fireworks and a container of gasoline.

Bag with fireworks and smoke bomb was found at the scene of the shooting in New York on April 12, 2022.

Sewell had said earlier that the shooting was not immediately being treated as an act of terrorism. Investigators found a series of social media posts linked to an individual named Frank James who mentioned the homeless and the mayor of New York, Sewell said. Nonetheless, still don’t know what would have motivated the attack.

A person is rescued in a subway car in the neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, this Tuesday (12) – Photo: Will B Wylde via AP

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