player ends game only with “butts”

In addition to being a challenging game by FromSoftware standards, Elden Ring seems like a real playground for players, as new exploits are shared on the web daily. In the most recent of them, a user ended the game with only buttocks blows — proving that the best weapon was at his side (or in the back) the whole time.

To accomplish such a feat, the youtuber “Distortion2“, responsible for completing the soulslike in less than ten minutes, used the Ashes of War Ground Slam, obtained in Lesser Tree of Mistwood. The skill consists of a frontal leap where the Tainted raises his legs and literally lands on his butt to the ground, causing an impacting crash.

During the campaign, the player essentially fought major bosses such as Radahn, Malenia, Godrick, and others. And in addition to the difficulty in defeating the most powerful beings in the game, “Distortion2” had a unique battle strategy, as the Ground Slam animation is slow and opens your guard to enemy damage.

Check out the full video below:

Elden Ring has dropped boss from Dark Souls 3

YouTuber “Zullie the Witch” revealed that Elden Ring recycled a discarded boss from Dark Souls 3. According to records in the archives, the Ulcerated Tree Spirit, located in the Mountain Catacombs, was developed using part of a character called “SnakeSoul”. Click here to learn more.

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