Moscow says Putin never refused meeting with Zelensky

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said today that Russian President Vladimir Putin never denied “in principle” to participate in a meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president. Still, the Russian official revealed that any conversation would need to be preceded by an agreement on “certain conditions”.

The representative, according to the news agency russian TASS, pointed out that he had already talked about this matter before and highlighted the need for a written document, with the conditions, before this meeting between the heads of state.

“There is no detailed news on this matter. We had already discussed this meeting before, saying that, in principle, the president [Putin] never refused it, but certain conditions must be agreed before such a meeting, especially a written document,” he said.

A face-to-face meeting between the presidents is one of Zelensky’s requests, who credits the meeting as one of the ways to end the war that began on February 24.

Negotiations are at a “dead end”

On Tuesday (12), the Russian president considered that negotiations between Ukraine and Russia are at a “dead end”, blaming Kiev for allegedly deviating from the agreements that took place in Istanbul.

Along the same lines, the president of Turkey, reception tayyip Erdogan, who followed the Istanbul talks on March 29, believes that the only talks that made progress were those that took place on Turkish soil.

With the war approaching 50 days in duration, statements like these and the intensification of the United States’ position could signal that the conflict will last even longer.

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